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Eisenstein Financial Services Mark Eisenstein

Phone: (541) 842-4405
835 Alder Creek Dr Ste B, Medford, OR 97504

Our Philosophy

We believe the best way to serve our clients is by providing independent advice, being honest and direct in our interactions with them, and developing a cohesive wealth plan that reflects their total financial picture, their personal needs, and their unique style. 


As your financial advisor, we take our responsibility to you seriously. Our duty binds us to act in your best interest — and that’s how we like it. As an independent firm, we are not beholden to a parent company with sales quotas or in-house products. We are not encouraged to push a certain type of product or asset class. When we make recommendations to you, your financial success is our only objective. You may come to us with money to invest, and we may or may not profit from the recommendation we make. We’re okay with that. We believe that pursuing your overall financial success will earn your trust, strengthen our relationship, and ultimately benefit us all. 


Honesty is the foundation of trust. Some financial firms promise pie-in-the-sky returns and money enough to retire to your own island. We believe our clients are smarter than that. They want realistic advice that can help them achieve real results. We believe they deserve to have it straight.

We treat our clients as we would members of our own family. Their concerns become our concerns as we develop creative strategies to meet their needs and maximize their potential. No two families are alike, so no two financial plans will be the same. When it comes time to create or modify a wealth plan, we research several recommendations, discuss the pros and cons of each with our clients, and let them decide what’s right for them. We strive to create a welcoming atmosphere in our office, where our clients can ask questions, express concerns, share ideas, and know they will be heard.


To be fully productive, an individual’s wealth plan must be cohesive. Like parts in an engine, each piece performs its function and balances out the whole for maximum efficiency, risk management, and output. As your financial consultant, it is our job to maintain a comprehensive vision of your total portfolio, and make adjustments where necessary to keep your allocation aligned with your risk tolerance and goals. With Cetera Advisor Networks as our broker/dealer, we use innovative technology, research, and the complete range of investment options to make sure you have access to the best strategies, products, and investments for your particular situation.

The most rewarding part of following a cohesive financial plan is the creation and fulfillment of your personal legacy plan. Your hard work and savings will give you the opportunity to make a difference in the world for your heirs and for others. For us at Eisenstein Financial Services, this is the most rewarding part. To see our clients make the world a better place brings true gratification and lasting satisfaction to them and to us. We use our resources and experience to help them develop a personalized legacy plan that fulfills their most noble objectives for their wealth.